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Photography is a magic, spell of emotions, capability to save transient moments, opportunities to create a different world view. Photos surround us for ages, photography allows us to watch films. Movie is a motion, a sequence of several pictures presented in time. Both film and sound can develop fantastic atmosphere. It's a document, often real gestures, words, emotion.
Our aim is to proof both photography and film are equally important, and those two forms of communication supplement each other. Welcome to our photography and film world...

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At a time when we face more and more technological progress and ubiquitous accessibility for modern mobile devices, such as: tablets, palmtops, smartphones, all the equipment is in daily use. This is right time for us to adjust our website Foto-CHROMińscy to make it fully responsible. Since now You can check us using Your mobile device.


In any spot and every situation you can easily and quick find out about our news, where and who was a part of:

photography wedding session

marriage ceremony

wedding party

Polish photographer

Polish camera operator

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